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Definition: A memoir is a literary genre, usually linked as a sub-category of autobiography. While a memoir can be compared with autobiography (as it depicts the story of a life), this form may only depict a small portion of a life (a year, a summer, an episode, or a series of events).

A memoir may embellish the "truth" of the events to tell a better story.
Common Misspellings: memior memir memor
"The Life and Times of Frederick Douglass" (Frederick Douglass), "Incidents in the life of a slave girl" (Harriet Jacobs), "Galileo's Daughter: A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith and Love," "This Boy's Life: A Memoir" (Tobias Wolff), "Hamlet's Dresser: A Memoir" (Bob Smith, a life related to Shakespeare), "An Unfinished Woman: A Memoir" (Lillian Hellman), and "Dream Catcher: A Memoir" (J.D. Salinger).

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