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Top 10 Love Letter Collections


Love letters express the unexpressible emotions between two individuals. These collections feature the letters of writers like Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Jack London, Ernest Hemingway, Dylan Thomas, Franz Kafka, George Sand, George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, Katherine Mansfield, and Lewis Carroll. Read more about love letters.

1. 50 Greatest Love Letters of All Time

by David H. Lowenherz. Random House. For this collection, David Lowenherz draws from hundreds of historical sources to find witty, sexy, and touching epistles. What do these letters say about the writers? Read more about history's most famous lovers.
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2. Love Letters

by Peter Washington, and Kevin Young (Editor). Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. This collection features 200 love letters from poets and by princes--both fictional and from "real" life. These letters delve into the realms of tragedy and comedy. This book is beautiful, perfect for anytime you're in the mood to read about love.
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3. Love Letters: A Romantic Treasury

by Tara McFadden, and Rick Smith (Illustrator). Running Press Book Publishers. From the publisher: "From sweet nothings to the profound insights of a person's soul, love letters capture a rare glimpse of our innermost thoughts and desires. Here we see love as defined by literary greats of the last two centuries, including Franz Kafka, Anais Nin, Jack London, and Vita Sackville-West."
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4. The Letters of Abelard and Heloise

by Betty Radice (Editor). Penguin. This collection features the work of Michael Clanchy, the biographer of Abelard. The Letters of Abelard and Heloise features advice from Abelard, as well as the "lost love letters." This book also features a chronology, notes, and maps. You'll get a good sense of the time, and the relationship of Abelard and Heloise--one of the most tragic love stories of all time.
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5. Little Book of Love Letters

by Lil Copan, Elizabeth Cody Newenhuyse (Editor). Love letters can be funny, touching, or romantic. Drawing from classic sources, this small volume offers a collection of love letters with a variety of sentiments.
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6. A Love No Less

by Pamela Newkirk. Doubleday & Company. This collection features letters of African American lovers. You'll read love letters between slaves, but you'll also discover love letters from Paul Laurence Dunbar, World War II soldiers, and other writers--through time.
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7. Love Letters, Lost

by Babbette Hines. Princeton. This collection was salvaged form a variety of sources. Babbette Hines also offers suggestions on how to write a love letter.
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8. Selected Letters

by Robert Gittings. Oxford University Press. Selected Letters features 170 letters, written between 1816 and 1820. Jon Mee includes an introduction and notes.
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9. Journey from within

by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Mary A. Hill (Editor). Bucknell University Press. Charlotte Perkins Gilman is famous for "Yellow Wallpaper," and for her place in the feminist movement. With this collection, you'll see a whole new side of her life and works. Mary A. Hill includes an introduction and notes to put the letters into context.
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10. The Lost Love Letters of Heloise and Abelard

by C.J. Mews. Palgrave Macmillan. The relationship--through letters--between Abelard and Heloise have been a matter of some controversy and debate. Read more about the letters.
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