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Mark Twain - What Does "Twain" Mean?


Mark Twain

Mark Twain

Question: Mark Twain - What Does "Twain" Mean?

What does "Twain" mean? How did Mark Twain encounter the term? Read more about Mark Twain.

Answer: Mark Twain - The Meaning of "Twain"

"Twain" literally means "two," as in two items of a kind or two pieces. A famous phrase is: "Ever the twain shall meet."

Where Did Mark Twain Hear/Learn the Term?

As a riverboat pilot, Samuel Clemens would have heard the term "Mark Twain," which means "two fathoms," on a regular basis. According ot Justin Kaplan, the term many also have come from Mark Twain's time in Nevada, where saloonkeepers used "Mark Twain" to represent two drinks on credit.

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