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Mark Twain - Is There a Recording of Mark Twain's Voice?


Mark Twain

Mark Twain

Question: Mark Twain - Is There a Recording of Mark Twain's Voice?

Mark Twain's lectures were unforgettable, with his wit and drawl. But, is there a recording of Mark Twain's voice? Can we hear what he really sounded like? Read more about Mark Twain's voice.

Answer: The Voice of Mark Twain

There is some evidence to suggest that Thomas A. Edison recorded the voice of Mark Twain on wax cylinder.

For re-creations (voice reproductions) of Mark Twain's voice, take a look at these resources:

McAvoy Layne

  • The Truth about My Birth in Florida, Missouri: wav | ra
  • The Carson River & the Mississippi: wav | ra
  • Humor and Preaching: wav | ra
Richard Henzel
  • My Rules About Smoking: wav | ra
  • Snakes & Aunt Patsy: wav | ra
Bill Cosgrove
  • Mark Twain the Great Author: wav | ra
  • Why I Wear a White Suit: wav | ra
Jim Clark
  • The Human Animal: wav | ra
  • Lying : wav | ra


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