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National Poetry Month

In April, we celebrate National Poetry Month--with poetry readings, discussions, activities, and much more. Learn more about the poets!
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A History of English Literature
Read "A History of English Literature," and learn more about the poetry.

Collected Works - Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Read the collected works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Collected Works - Robert Browning
Read the collected works of Robert Browning.

Collected Works - Walt Whitman
Read the collected works of Walt Whitman.

National Poetry Month - Scholastic
"Celebrate National Poetry Month in April, or use these resources throughout the school year to practice language and literacy skills for all grade levels. Choose from classroom activities, writing opportunities, and various other poetry resources to help you plan a unit."

Poetry Speaks
If you've ever wondered what the writer thought of his or her work, how he or she wanted the words to sound, how the rise and fall of the lines were supposed to sound... this anthology provides you with the opportunity to listen to great writers reading their own famous works.

Poetry, Imagination, and Education - Amy Lowell
Read "Poetry, Imagination, and Education," by Amy Lowell.

Poetry, Series One - Emily Dickinson
Read the poems of Emily Dickinson.

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