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New Year's Books


Every year, people from around the world participate in festivities related to ringing in the new year. Discover how different traditions and culture celebrate New Year's Day. Also, find out the origins of the holiday.

1. Christmas and New Year's on the Minnesota Frontier

by Bertha L. Heilbron. Afton Historical Society Press. Read about the merrymaking on New Year's Day.

2. Book of the Year: A Brief History of Our Holidays

by Anthony F. Aveni. Oxford University Press. Discover the history behind New Year's day and making a resolution.

3. New Year's Day

by Dana Meachen Rau. Scholastic. Discover the history of the holiday celebration, from the time when Pope Gregory XIII first declared January 1st to be New Year's Day.

4. Burns Anthology

by Collins Celtic, K.G. Simpson (Compiler). HarperCollins. This collection of poetry includes: Tom O'Shanter", "To a Mouse", and "Auld Lang Syne." Also, read about the life and works of Robert Burns.

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