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Parker, Dorthy

(1893-1967) American writer. Dorthy Parker was a critic, poet and short story wirter. Parker began her career as drama critic for "Vanity Fair" (1917-20) and continuing as a theater and book reviewer for "New Yorker" (1927-33). Other works include: "Enough Rope" (1927), "Death and Taxes" (1931), "Laments for the Living" (1930) and "After Such Pleasures" (1933).

August is a poem by Dorthy Parker. She was a critic, poet, and short story writer--known for her wit and wry humor. Take a look at her poem.

San Antonio College LitWeb
List of works by this playwright, poet, drama critic and short-story writer includes links to texts of several of her poems.

Bobbed Hair and Bathtub Gin
Sexy, jazzy, and more than just a little bit troubled--women like Edna St. Vincent Millay, Dorthy Parker, Zelda Fitzgerald, and Edna Ferber made their marks on the world of literature in the 1920's.

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