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Portugal - Find Portuguese Literature

To find out more information about books from Portugal, take a look at these resources. The study of Portuguese Literature includes a history of works written beginning with the troubadours in 1200 and continuing through the Golden Age, and onward. Read more about Portuguese literature.

Ormulum Project
The project was instigated in 1993, while Professor Johannesson worked at The University of Trondheim (later renamed as The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU), Norway.

Portuguese Literature
Read more about Portuguese Literature: "Portuguese literature may be divided into four periods: 1200 to 1415, the age of the troubadours; 1415 to 1580, the humanistic flowering, rivaling that of Castile; 1580 to 1820, a time of stagnation; and 1820 to the present, the romantic revival."

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