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Books by Christina Rossetti: Poetry and Letters


(1830-1894) British writer. Christina Rossetti is now recognized as one of the greatest Victorian poets. She lived a reclusive life and wrote works like "Goblin Market," "A Birthday," and "Remember." Read more about the works of Christina Rossetti.

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1. Prose Works of Christina Rossetti

by Christina Rossetti, Maria Keaton (Editor). Thoemmes Continuum. 4 volumes. From the publisher: "These four texts are difficult to find and have never before been reprinted in their entirety. They will be invaluable to scholars from several disciplines. Rossetti scholars will find the texts have considerable ability to aid understanding of her poetry... Literarily, culturally and theologically, each of these texts has potential as a primary research source."
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2. Christina Rossetti: Selected Poems

by Christina Rossetti, Jan Marsh (Editor). Phoenix Press. From the publisher: "From the sensuous, deliciously scary, and popular 'Goblin Market' to the delicate and musical Sing-Song, Christina Rossetti's verses feature earthy, almost tactile images. As the sole woman among the Pre-Raphaelites, her work has a unique feminine perspective."
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3. The Complete Poems

by Christina Rossetti, R. W. Grump. Penguin. From the publisher: "Christina Rossetti is unique among Victorian poets for the sheer range of her subject matter and the variety of her verse form. This first fully annotated collection, based on the definitive texts, brings together fantasy poems such as 'Goblin Market,' terrifyingly vivid verses for children, love lyrics, sonnets, hymns, and ballads, as well as the vast body of her devotional poetry."
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4. Poems and Prose

by Christina Rossetti, Jan Marsh (Editor). Everyman Library. From the publisher: "Rossetti was considered by many of her contemporaries to be Britain's finest living poet; technically virtuous and full of mystic yearning, her poetry ranges from the immensely popular 'Goblin Market' to ballads, love lyrics, sonnets, and religious poetry."
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5. The Works of Christina Rossetti

by Christina Rossetti. Wordsworth Editions. From the publisher: "Christina Rossetti is widely regarded as the most considerable woman poet in England before the twentieth century. No reading of nineteenth century poetry can be complete without attention to this prolific and popular poet."
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6. Selected Prose of Christina Rossetti

by Christina Rossetti, P. G. Stanwood and David A. Kent. Palgrave. From the publisher: "Christina Rossetti is recognized as the leading woman poet of the nineteenth century in England. Despite recent attention to her life in the form of three new biographies and to her poetry, Rossetti's prose works remain largely inaccessible to students and scholars. For the first time, an edited volume of selected prose by this important Victorian woman artist is made available to her readers."
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7. The Letters of Christina Rossetti: 1874-1881

by Christina Rossetti, and Antony H. Harrison. University Press of Virginia. From the publisher: "The marriage of William Michael, the death of her sister, Maria, Dante Gabriel's addiction to chloral and the illness that led to his death in 1882, and the deaths of close personal and family friends overshadow these years. Her own affliction with Grave' diseas contributed to her becoming reclusive and a semi-invalid."
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8. The Letters of Christina Rossetti: 1882-1886

by Christina Georgina Rossetti, and Antony H. Harrison. University Press of Virginia. From the publisher: "In recent years Christina Rossetti's star has soared. Rossetti (1830-1894) has come to be considered one of the major poets--not just one of the major women poets--of the Victorian era, eclipsing her famous brother."
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9. Goblin Market and Other Poems

by Christina Rossetti. Dover Publications. From the publisher: "An important and often-quoted literary figure, the English poet Christina Rossetti (1830-1894) wrote some of the most beautiful and voluptuous poetry in the English language. Like Emily Dickinson, she lived in self-imposed isolation, writing of God and lost love with a sesuality and passion that seemed to emanate from the soul."
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10. Rossetti

by Christina Rossetti. Knopf Publishing. From the publisher: "Christina Rossetti (1830-1894) was born in London of Italian parents. With her vivid imagination and innate talent for composing verse, she was an accomplished poet by her late teens. By 1866 she was established as a leading poet of her day. Prematurely in 1871 she was stricken with Graves Disease, becoming increasingly preoccupied with the relationship between earth and heaven, life and death."

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