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Steele, Sir Richard

(1672-1729) Irish writer. Pseudonym of Isaac Bickerstaff. Sir Richard Steele was an essayist, dramatist, journalist, and politician. His works include: "The Funeral" (1701), "The Lying Lover" (1703), "The Tender Husband" (1705), and "The Conscious Lovers."

English Essays: Sidney to Macaulay
"Steele was a warm-hearted, impulsive man, full of sentiment, improvident, and somewhat weak of will. These qualities are reflected in his writings, which are inferior to Addison’s in grace and finish, but are marked by greater spontaneity and invention." Read more about Sir Richard Steele.

Sir Richard Steele. (1672–1729)
Read several quotations from Sir Richard Steele.

The Life of Richard Steele, by George Atherton Aitken
"Sir Richard Steele (1672-1729) was born in Dublin, and became the most celebrated essayist and playwright of his era. He was educated at Charterhouse (while Addison attended), and went to Merton College, Oxford." Read more about his life and works.

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