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Story of an Hour - Kate Chopin

"The Story of an Hour" is a short story by Kate Chopin. First published in 1894, "The Story of an Hour" is about an hour in the life the main character.
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Kate Chopin Quotes
Kate Chopin (1851-1904) starting writing short stories and novels after the death of her husband, Oscar, in 1882. Here are quotes...

'The Story of an Hour' Text
The Story of an Hour is a short story by Kate Chopin. The work is one of her most famous short works, partly because of its surprise ending. Here, Chopin explores some of the themes for which she has become so famous. Here's the complete text of The Story of an Hour.

'The Story of An Hour' Study Guide
"The Story of An Hour" is a short story by Kate Chopin. The story was published in 1894, and it spans a one-hour span of time in the life of Mrs. Millard. She has a heart condition, which causes her sister and her husband's friend, Richards, to be extremely concerned about her when the terrible news of her husband's death in a train accident is passed on to her. Read more about this story.

The Story of an Hour Complete Text - Kate Chopin
Here's the complete text for "The Story of an Hour," by Kate Chopin.

The Story of An Hour Quotes
What is it about "The Story of An Hour" that so fascinates the reader? Is it the surprise ending? Is it Mrs. Mallard's initial reaction to the news about her husband? With these quotes, discover how Kate Chopin dramatizes the drama of a wife, who discovers the truth about her husband's death. Read on.

The Story of an Hour Characters
The characters in The Story of an Hour are faced with a tragic situation, and we see how they all react. Here's a brief overview of characters, with questions related to characterization.

The Story of an Hour Vocabulary
Here's a vocabulary list from The Story of an Hour, by Kate Chopin. Use these terms for reference, study, and discussion.

The Story of an Hour Questions for Study & Discussion
The Story of an Hour is one of the greatest works by Kate Chopin. Here are a few questions for study and discussion.

The Story of An Hour Quiz
"The Story of an Hour" is a famous American short story. What happens in this story? And, why is the story so memorable? Test your knowledge about "The Story of an Hour."

The Story of an Hour & Other Stories - Kate Chopin
Stories like "The Story of an Hour" and "Désirée´s Baby," are among the most studied and appreciated works by Kate Chopin. Here are a few collections of her works. Read the stories, and find critical resources.

Chopin: Complete Novels and Stories
Now, for the first time, Library of America publishes the complete works of Chopin in one authoritative volume, including many previously uncollected stories. As the publisher writes: "From ruined Louisiana plantations to bustling, cosmopolitan New Orleans, Kate Chopin wrote with unflinching honesty about propriety and its strictures, the illusions of love and the realities of marriage..."

Kate Chopin: Collected Works
Read the stories and novels of Kate Chopin.

'The Storm' - What's important about the title?
What is important about the title of the short story, "The Storm"? What are the multiple meanings of "the storm"?

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