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Trickster appears in many of the world's mythologies, including Native-American, African and Chinese tales. His socially unacceptable behavior stands as a lesson to the people. Trickster also appears in literature and literary criticism discussions as well.
  1. Chinese mythology

Robin Hood: A Mythic Biography
Robin Hood is a constant presence in our history and literature, even as we change his name and appearance. Archetypal in form, he can represents Nature, a Folk-Hero, and a Trickster.

Books About Trickster
Trickster is both a Creator and a Destroyer. He is a symbol of the radical and marginalized, as he proves that survival in the face of devastation is possible. Read books about Trickster as this character appears in mythology and literature from around the world.

West of the Border
"West of the Border" is a discussion of the borderland upon which multicultural writers position themselves. Noreen Groover Lape explores the contradictions in American society, brought about by cultural contact points. These points of contact create chaos and contradictions, but they also create the catalysts by which multicultural literary voices emerge.

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