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Villon, François

(1431-1465?) French writer. François Villon's original name was François de Montcorbier or François Des Loges. He was one of the greatest French poets. Villon's work include: "Lais" ("Little Testament," 1456), and "Testament" ("Grand Testament," 1461).

Villon's Legacy
Some of the greatest writers in history have been thieves and criminals. Of course, there was always some reason. Times were tough. It was difficult to make a living... What else could a writer do?

Francois Villon: Poet & Thief
"Sheilagh Hunt's newest dance/theatre piece is entitled Francois Villon: Poet & Thief and takes place in a prison cell on the night before the poet Francois Villon is about to be hanged in 1463."

Société François Villon, Bulletin
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