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Word Origins - Discover Where Words Come From

Study the origin of words to grasp meaning--an essential task when studying classic literature.

Books About Word Origins
Where did the words in language come from? What do the origins of words say about our culture? And, how do the various meanings of words evolve over time. Read more about word origins: the stories they tell...

Forgotten & Interesting Words
Words are misused, confused, and forgotten, but these books offer concise definitions for engaging and inciteful words. Become a superior wordsmith. Learn to use some of the most interesting words in the English language. Read on.

Etymologically Speaking
Many words in the English language have interesting pedigrees. Find origins and backgrounds for words from "Abacus" to "Zero."

Fun Words Archive
For a taste of just how much fun etymology can be, visit the new, expanded Fun Words Archive -- now featuring such words as spartle, coruscate, and snollygoster!

Random House - Mavens' Word of the Day
Each day, editors answer a reader question about the origin of a phrase or word. Browse the archives, or check out the etymology bibliography.

Take Our Word for It - Weekly Word-Origin Webzine
Study the origin of words to grasp root and affix meanings, making learning new vocabulary easier. Find links to dictionary and language sites.

Word Focus
"Examine the free links to words with images and explanations for a greater comprehension of English words that are derived from Latin, Greek, and other sources."

World Wide Words
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