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Books About Writing Literature Essays
How do you write essays about literature? Where do you start? What do you include? How do you use literary theory in a literature paper? These books explore the complexity involved in writing about literature...

How To Become a Critical Reader
Whether you are reading for pleasure or academia, it's important to understand something about the text you are studying. These questions and points should help you to become a more critical reader.

How To Edit Your Writing
So you have a draft of your essay, but you really want your paper to be good? You want to make sure that your ideas come across clearly and concisely? Try these steps of revising your essay.

How To Evaluate Sources
Sources offer important credibility to your paper about literature, but what if the source isn't trustworthy? These few steps will give you some ideas about how to make sure your sources give your paper a level of credibility.

How To Proof an Essay
When you have typed or printed out your revised and edited essay, give it a final careful inspection to correct errors.

How To Write a Literary Book Review
A book review is not simply a plot summary or an unsupported opinion of the book. It describes key elements of the book and your opinion of how well the author has succeeded in using those elements to write an effective story.

How to Write a Persuasive Literature Essay
When you write a persuasive essay, you are creating a paper that will prove a point, which will change the reader's opinion and/or clarify the issue.

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