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'Wuthering Heights' Summary


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If you've ever read Wuthering Heights, you'll probably never forget it. In the Gothic setting, we are beset by unrequited passions, love from beyond the grave and unexplained phenomenon. Does love conquer all, or is it just another complication in the interplay of troubled family history?

The novel give you the feeling of a frame story, starting off as it does with Lockwood and his curiosity, related to a house that he'd rented and the personages who lived nearby. And, then, Nellie tells him the story of the Earnshaw and Linden families, with a passionate, rebellious orphan thrown into the mix. The reader might well question the "what if" phenomenon. What if Catherine had married Heathcliff (since the passions ran so deep)? What if Earnshaw had lived longer? What if revenge and hatred hadn't consumed so many of the possible outcomes of the interplay between the two families?

We're given the opportunity to follow the family angst through multiple generations. We see opportune weddings, land-grabbing techniques and forced marriage. But, in life (as in fiction), we are also presented with the idea: Everything happens for a reason. Everything that happens, including injudicious decisions, leads the two final characters to a happy ending (or at least as happy as it could be, given the circumstances). Perhaps we should get a bit sappy and say: Love finds a way.


  • Title: Wuthering Heights
  • Author: Emily Bronte Biography
  • Type of Work & Genre: Gothic novel
  • Time & Place (Setting):
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date:
  • Narrator:
  • Point of View:


  • Great English literary classic
  • One of the most famous works by Emily Bronte Biography
  • Controversial/banned/challenged novel.

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